Building of The Devon Wilmington

Revitalization Project

Renewing our Roots

The Devon Condominium owners will install a state-of-the-art waterproofing membrane for the stand alone underground garage along Pennsylvania Ave. This project will be completed in three phases commencing spring of 2024 with completion scheduled autumn 2024.

Phase 1: Preparatory Work (March - May 2024)

  1. Evaluation by arborist to ensure preservation of roots system for mature trees.
  2. Relocation of plants and specimens from the front to rear gardens.
  3. Scheduled the removal of topsoil to facilitate access to the upper portion of the garage structure, a pivotal step slated for late spring.

Phase 2: Site Improvement and Waterproofing (May - September 2024)

  1. Implementation of a cutting-edge waterproofing membrane atop the parking garage.
  2. Targeted concrete repairs, as necessary.
  3. Improvement of on-site drainage systems.
  4. Installation of irrigation systems for maintenance of the landscape.
  5. Comprehensive upgrade of electrical systems.
  6. Restoration of topsoil.

Phase 3: Landscape Revitalization (Autumn 2024)

  1. Expansion of the front driveway to accommodation of larger vehicles.
  2. Re-landscaping of entry gardens. Emphasis placed on the integration of native plant species, selected to foster biodiversity and uphold the native ecosystem.

* Timeline is subject to change